Fraud Alerts

Fraud Alerts

Customer Protection Entity

SIPC staff are aware of a number of financial scams in which fraudsters claim to be a customer protection entity in order to trick victims, including non-U.S. investors, into giving the fraudsters access to brokerage accounts and personally identifiable information, and into sending money and other financial assets. Impersonation of legitimate companies is one of several characteristic features of advance fee fraud solicitations and other fraudulent schemes. Even where the fraudsters do not request that funds be sent directly to them, they may use the personal information they obtain to steal the individual’s identity and then misappropriate his or her financial assets.

Some fraudsters have claimed to be customer protection entities and have created realistic looking websites to reinforce their claims of legitimacy.

Misuse of SIPC’s Name

There are also instances where fraudsters, posing as legitimate broker-dealers or as representatives of SIPC, ask for money to facilitate the return of a victim's cash of securities.

Customers will never be asked by SIPC to pay any amount to assist in the recovery process in a liquidation proceeding or to process customer claims.

False Claims of SIPC Membership

SIPC staff are also aware of financial scams in which fraudsters claim to be SIPC member broker-dealers. To find out if your brokerage firm is a SIPC member, check SIPC’s List of Members or Contact Us. There is no SIPC protection available for customers of non-SIPC member broker-dealers.

If you have been contacted by someone falsely claiming to be a SIPC member, please contact us.

If you believe you have been the victim of an online fraud you can report it to the F.B.I.’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.