Portal Administrator Delegation

Each Broker-Dealer’s Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) must either act as the Broker-Dealer’s Portal Administrator or delegate this responsibility to another individual, such as the Broker-Dealer’s Financial and Operations Principal (FINOP) or its Principal Financial Officer.

Portal Administrators will have the option to grant access to other individuals (“Additional Users”) for the submission of forms, documents, and payments via the Administrator Account (“Admin Account”). Only the Portal Administrator may create, modify, or delete accounts of Additional Users for the SIPC Portal via the Admin Account.

The Portal Administrator will remain the party responsible for overseeing all actions taken on the SIPC Portal on behalf of the Broker-Dealer.

A Broker-Dealer may have only one Portal Administrator. However, an individual may act as the administrator for multiple Broker-Dealers if delegated such authority by each Broker-Dealer.

No action is necessary if the CCO wishes to remain the Portal Administrator. If the CCO wishes to delegate this responsibility to another individual, please contact the Membership Department by telephone at 202-371-8300 or by e-mail at portal@sipc.org to request a portal administrator delegation form. If SIPC does not receive a signed form, the CCO will remain the Broker-Dealer’s Portal Administrator.