SIPC Launches Electronic Filing Process for Claimants

Filing made easier for all claimant classes

WASHINGTON, D.C. – August 13, 2018 – The Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) is pleased to announce the availability of an electronic filing system for customers (and other claimants) filing claims in the event of brokerage failures. This creates an alternative to previous paper filing requirement.

“SIPC has been working to create an electronic filing option for customers,” said Stephen P. Harbeck, President and CEO of SIPC. “This system provides customers with the ability to eliminate paper and provides the advantage of having an electronic record of the submitted claim.”

Online filing will be available in cases where SIPC is acting as the trustee in a liquidation or during a direct payment proceeding. If a brokerage firm fails or closes, brokerage customers who are required to receive notice of proceedings will continue to receive those notices by mail and given instructions for completing claims forms online. Claimants will still have the option to mail paper copies of their claims forms .

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The new electronic filing system was developed by Epiq, a bankruptcy solutions provider.

“Inventive workflow solutions and nationally recognized expertise are cornerstones of our corporate solutions offering. We were very pleased to work in conjunction with the SIPC team to make this service available to their customers,” said Bob Hopen, president, class action and corporate restructuring, Epiq.

About SIPC
The Securities Investor Protection Corporation is the U.S. investor's first line of defense in the event of the failure of a brokerage firm owing customers cash and securities that are missing from customer accounts.

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