Statute and Rules

The Securities Investor Protection Act, 15 U.S.C. section 78aaa, et seq. (PDF) (SIPA), is the statute that created SIPC and governs SIPA liquidations.

SIPC, with the approval of the SEC, has issued the following rules:

  • Series 100 Rules (PDF) - Rules Identifying Accounts of “Separate Customers” of SIPC Members
  • Series 200 Rules (PDF) - Rules Relating to Accounts Introduced by Other Brokers or Dealers
  • Series 300 Rules (PDF) - Rules Regarding Closeout or Completion of Open Contractual Commitments
  • Series 400 Rules (PDF) - Rules Relating to Satisfaction of Customer Claims for Standardized Options
  • Series 500 Rules (PDF) - Rules Relating to Satisfaction of a “Claim for Cash” or a “Claim for Securities”
  • Series 600 Rules (PDF) - Rules Relating to Supplemental Report on SIPC Membership

Bylaws of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation as of June, 2020 (PDF)