Madoff Trustee Reaches Recovery Agreement with Thema International - Settlement Delivers Immediate Benefit to Customer Fund of Approximately $687 Million

Madoff Trustee Has Recovered or Reached Agreements to Recover More Than $12.7 Billion To Date in BLMIS Liquidation; More Than $10 Billion Distributed to Madoff Victims

SIPC and FINRA Streamline Reporting Process for Broker-Dealers

Firms Will File Just Once to Report to Both Entities

Madoff Trustee Reaches Recovery Agreements With Offshore Funds in BVI and Bermuda - Settlements with Lagoon and Thema Funds Deliver Immediate Benefit to Customer Fund of Approximately $370 Million

Approximately $11.6 Billion Recovered To Date in BLMIS Liquidation; Approximately $9 Billion Distributed to Madoff Victims

Madoff Trustee Announces Recovery Of More Than $23 Million In Assets From Settlement With The Estates Of Madoff Sons

Joint press release from the offices of Irving H. Picard, SIPA Trustee for the liquidation of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC (BLMIS), and Stephen P. Harbeck, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC)

Eighth pro Rata Interim Distribution of Recovered Funds To Madoff Claims Holders Commences; Totals Approximately $252 Million

Aggregate Distributions Total Approximately $9.72 Billion

Beware of Scam Involving the Misuse of SIPC's Name

Madoff Trustee Requests Allocation of $342 Million to Customer Fund and Court Approval to Immediately Distribute Approximately $252 Million to BLMIS Customers with Allowed Claims

Eighth Pro Rata Interim Distribution Will Bring Aggregate Customer Payout in Global Madoff Liquidation to More Than $9.72 Billion

Madoff Trustee Reaches Recovery Agreement of Approximately $32 Million with Cohmad Securities Corporation, the Estate of Maurice “Sonny” Cohn, Marcia B. Cohn & Marilyn Cohn

$11.491 Billion Recovered for Madoff Victims to Date in BLMIS Liquidation

Madoff SIPA Trustee, California Attorney General, and Private Litigants Reach Recovery Agreement Valued in Excess of $277 Million with the Estate of Stanley Chais and Other Chais-Related Defendants

Immediate benefit to BLMIS Customer Fund Approximately $232 million

Seventh Pro Rata Interim Distribution of Recovered Funds to Madoff Claims Holders Commences; Totals Approximately $190.2 Million

Aggregate Distributions Total Approximately $9.47 Billion

New SIPC Board Member Nominated by President Obama

Madoff Trustee Requests Allocation of $247 Million to Customer Fund and Court Approval to Immediately Distribute $171 Million to BLMIS Customers with Allowed Claims

Seventh Interim Pro Rata Distribution Will Bring Aggregate Customer Payout in Global Madoff Liquidation to more than $9.45 Billion

SIPC Initiates the Liquidation of Global Arena Capital Corp.

SIPC: Customers See Full Assets Restored as MF Global Liquidation Ends

Sixth Pro Rata Interim Distribution of Recovered Funds to Madoff Claim Holders Commences; Total More than $1.19 Billion

Aggregate Distributions to Date Total Approximately $9.16 Billion

Madoff Trustee Requests Release of $1.5 Billion from Customer Fund

Supreme Court Decision Permits Request for Court Approval of Sixth Interim Pro Rata Distribution to Bring Aggregate Customer Payout in Global Madoff Liquidation to Approximately $9.13 Billion - Nearly 57 Percent of Losses Will Be Returned to Customers

SIPC Praises MF Global Trustee on Near End of MF Global Inc. Liquidation

Unsecured general creditors can now expect a near full recovery on their allowed claims

SIPC Commends Lehman Trustee on Plans to Distribute Additional $1.9 Billion to Unsecured General Creditors

Distribution Would Bring Total Unsecured General Creditor Payout to $7.8 Billion

Madoff Trustee Reaches Recovery Agreement of $140 Million with Feeder Fund Plaza Investments International & Notz, Stucki Management (Bermuda) Limited

Total BLMIS Customer Fund Recoveries & Agreements Will Now Be More than $10.874 Billion

SIPC Praises Madoff Trustee on Recovery Agreement of $35 Million with Feeder Funds

Securities Investor Protection Corporation Laments Passing of Bankruptcy Attorney Harvey Miller

SIPC Congratulates MF Global Inc. Trustee on Major Milestone with Pending Distribution of Nearly Half a Billion Dollars

Madoff Trustee’s Major Settlement with Defender Feeder Fund Shows Importance of "Clawback" Tool in Recovery Process

Work of Trustee Picard Praised in New $93 Million Recovery Agreement Illustrating Importance of Issues Addressed in Petitions Before U.S. Supreme Court

SIPC Joins Madoff Trustee in Petitioning U.S. Supreme Court to Overturn Roadblock to Recovery of Fictitious Profits

Securities Investor Protection Corporation Urges Reversal of Decision Impeding Return of Funds Owed to Victims of Madoff Scheme

SIPC Applauds U.S. Court of Appeals for Clarifying Inflation Adjustment for Victims of Ponzi Schemes Under the Securities Investor Protection Act

SIPC: Distributions to Madoff Customers Now Covering 54 Percent of Losses

Madoff Trustee Irving H. Picard Announces Fifth Disbursement of $355.8 Million, Bringing Total to $7.2 Billion for Allowed Claimants

SIPC: $10 Billion Recovery Milestone Reached in Madoff Case with Feeder Fund Settlement

Herald Fund and Primeo Feeder Fund Recovery Agreement Adds Another $497 Million

New Board Chair Nominated By President Obama

Treasury Official Joined SIPC Board in September, Bains Nomination Awaits Floor Action by U.S. Senate

Beware of "Phishing" Scams Run Through Look-Alike Web Sites Imitating SIPC

Advance-Fee Payment Requirement is a Big Tip-Off: Victims, Potential Investors Warned Not to Share Personal Data on Phony "Look-Alike" Web Sites.

SIPC Issues Statement on SEC Decision Not to Pursue Stanford Appeal

SEC Decision Follows U.S. Court of Appeals & District Court Decision That Stanford International Bank CD Investors Do Not Meet Definition of Customer Under SIPA.

SIPC Applauds Lehman Trustee On Planned Return Of $4.6 Billion To Unsecured General Creditors Following 100 Percent Satisfaction Of Customer Claims

First Distribution to Unsecured General Creditors Will Commence in September.

SIPC Issues Statement on Stanford Decision From U.S. Court of Appeals

U.S. Court of Appeals Upholds District Court Decision That Stanford International Bank CD Investors Do Not Meet Definition of Customer Under SIPA

SIPC Thanks Outgoing Board Chair Bowen for Her Dedicated Service

SIPC: Nearly $6 Billion Now Distributed to Madoff Victims

Additional $351.6 Million Goes to Customers with Allowed Claims With Madoff Trustee�s Fourth Distribution.

SIPC Commends MF Global Trustee for Achieving Milestone 100 Percent Return of MF Global Customer Property with Final Distribution

SIPC: All Madoff Customers With Allowed Claims Under $925,000 To Be Satisfied In Full With Fourth Distribution

Securities Investor Protection Corporation Launches New Website

SIPC Issues Statement on the Passing of U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Burton R. Lifland

SIPC Issues Statement on JPMorgan Chase Bank Forfeiture Related to Madoff Fraud

SIPC Applauds MF Global Trustee On Approval For Milestone 100 Percent Return Of U.S. And Overseas Commodities Customer Property

MF Global Commodities Customers Will Now Join Securities Customers in Full Satisfaction of Allowed Customer Claims

SIPC Applauds Lehman Trustee On Milestone 100 Percent Return Of Securities Customers' Property

No SIPC Fund Advances Needed To Satisfy Customers; Largest Return of Property to Customers of a Former Broker-Dealer Following a Bankruptcy and Liquidation

SIPC: $5.44 Billion Now Distributed To Madoff Victims

Madoff Trustee's Third Distribution Sends Approximately $506.2 Million to Customers With Allowed Claims

SIPC: Lehman Agreements To Result In Billions Of Dollars In Additional Customer, Creditor Distributions

If Approved, LBI Customers Will Be Made Whole; Billions of Dollars in Remaining LBIE and LBHI Creditor Claims Resolved

Third Interim Distribution Of Recovered Funds In Madoff Global Liquidation Will Total Approximately $505 Million

Aggregate Distributions Will Reach Approximately $5.4 Billion

SIPC: MF Global Agreements Should Result In 100 Percent Return Of Allowed Securities Customer Property

If Conditions Met and Agreements Approved by the Court, Trustee Anticipates Significant Additional Distributions to Commodities Customers Trading on US, Non-US Exchanges.

SIPC: No Liquidations Of Brokerage Firms Seen As A Result Of Hurricane Sandy

Lessons Learned from 9/11, 'Y2K' Helped Avert Firm Shutdowns in Latest Crisis

SIPC: Lehman Agreement Paves Way For 100 Percent Return Of Customer Property

Under Agreement, No SIPC Fund Advances Needed To Satisfy Customers; Resolves Tens of Billions in Claims From LBI's Single Largest Claimant

SIPC: $2.5 Billion Distributed To Madoff Victims, Covering Half Of Allowed Claims

SIPC Advances Used to Facilitate Recovery of $9.1 Billion for Customers

SIPC To Defend Itself Against SEC Appeal

Second Interim Distribution To Madoff Victims

Will Total Approximately $1.5 Billion-$2.4 Billion

SIPC Comments On District Court Decision In Stanford Case

Scope of SIPC Protection Reaffirmed

Supreme Court Net Equity Decision Permits SIPA Trustee to file Motion for Second Interim Pro Rata Distribution

Three New Board Members To Join Securities Investor Protection Corporation

SIPC Comments on Madoff Trustee's Settlement in Katz Case

Decision a Major Step Forward in Interest of Madoff Victims, Defendants Will Pay $162 Million to Trustee Over Five Years

SIPC Announces New Acting Chair of its Board of Directors

SIPC Modernization Task Force Issues Report

Diverse Group of Securities Experts Make Recommendations For Future of Organization

Status Update From The Office Of James W. Giddens, Trustee For The Liquidation Of MF Global Inc., Concerning The Trustee's Investigation

MF Global Inc. Trustee: Deadline For Customer Claim Submission Is January 31, 2012

SIPC To Defend Itself Against SEC Lawsuit Over Stanford Antiguan Bank Losses

Lawsuit In Conflict With Securities Investor Protection Act

Update: SIPC Renews Warning About "Phishing" Scam Targeting Investment Scam Victims

Bankruptcy Court Approves SIPA Trustee Motion To Transfer Commodity Accounts

Liquidation Proceeding For MF Global Inc. Undertaken By Securities Investor Protection Corporation

SIPC Taking Action to Protect Customer Assets; Giddens Appointed by Court as Trustee

Initial Interim Distribution Of Recovered Funds To Madoff Claims Holders

New Settlements Increase Initial, Interim Pro Rata Distribution to Approximately $312 Million

SIPC Statement On U.S. Court Of Appeals Upholding Of Madoff Trustee "Net Equity" Calculation

Settlement Reached With Tremont Group, Second-Largest Feeder Fund Network In Madoff Ponzi Fraud

Cash Payments of more than $1 Billion to be made to BLMIS Customer Fund; Settlement Structure Facilitates Future Recovery Distributions to Feeder Fund Investors

SIPC Issues Warning On "Phishing" Scam Targeting Investment Scam Victims

Victims and Potential Investors in Scams Targeted by Phony "SIPC Agents"

SIPC To Review SEC Direction On Stanford Liquidation

Trustee For Liquidation Of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities Files Motion To Allocate Recovered Monies To The BLMIS Customer Fund And Return Stolen Monies To Customers

2.6 Billion to be Allocated to Customer Fund; Initial, Interim Pro Rata Distribution of Approximately $272 Million to BLMIS Customers; Appeals of Picower, Levy Settlements and Net Equity Prevent Larger Payments

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Agreement To Recover $7.2 Billion For Victims Of Bernard L. Madoff'S Ponzi Scheme From Estate Of Jeffry M. Picower

Multi-Billion Dollar Settlement To Benefit Madoff's Victims Is Largest Single Forfeiture Recovery In U.S. History

Madoff Trustee, Charities Negotiating Settlements

Agreements Allow Charities to Continue Good Works

Madoff Trustee, Sipc Announce $550 Million Recovery Agreement With Carl Shapiro, Robert Jaffe And Related Entities

First-Ever Online Forum Set To Solicit U.S. Public's Views About Modernization Of The Securities Investor Protection Corporation

Opportunity for Investors to Speak Out Takes Place at 8 p.m. EDT on September 14, 2010

Update: Warning Re-Issued On Bogus "SIPC Checks" Targeting U.S. Consumers And Job Seekers

Phony Checks Now Showing Up in Connection With Jobs Advertised on Craigslist

www.sipcmodernization.org Launched To Gather Public Input, Task Force To Undertake Review Of SIPC

Warning Issued On Bogus "SIPC Checks" Targeting U.S. Consumers

Settlement Agreement Reached With Joint Liquidators Of Fairfield Sentry, Madoff'S Largest Feeder Fund

Settlement Significantly Increases Potential Future Recoveries and Customer Fund Payouts

SIPC Exposes Phony "Look-Alike" Web Site Targeting Madoff Victims

Victims, Other Investors Cautioned Against Providing Information Via Web Site; Bogus Claims Made About Recovering "$1.3 Billion Discovered in Madoff Hideout"

SIPC Statement On Lawsuit Filed By BLMIS Investors

SIPC Statement On "Net Equity" Court Hearing

U.S., Chinese Officials To Cooperate In Cross-Border Brokerage Insolvency, Liquidation Cases

Major Milestone: Over Half A Billion Dollars Advanced By SIPC So Far To Madoff Customers

BLMIS Payouts Now in the Works Exceed the Total of All 321 Previous Proceedings Since Start of SIPC in 1970; In Madoff Case, the Number of Determined Claims Nears 3,000.

SIPC Trustee Sues Ruth Madoff: Seeks Recapture Of $45 Million Of Customers' Money She Received From Husband In The Last Six Years

SIPC, Madoff Trustee Announce $231 Million In Funds Committed To Blmis Customers, With An Additional $2.741 Billion Authorized For Potential Future Recovery

Sum of Commitments Exceeds the Total SIPC Protection Extended in 11 Largest Liquidations; Trustee Picard Makes It Easier For Last-Minute Filers.

SIPC Supports $235 Million Settlment With Optimal In Madoff Liquidation

As of Memorial Day, Over $116 Million in Commitments Made So Far to Satisfy 237 Madoff Claimants

SIPC: $61 Million in Commitments Made to Madoff Claimants, with $100 Million Level Expected to Be Reached by Memorial Day

Trustee Madoff, SIPC President Harbeck Provide Update on Liquidation Proceeding

Press Release Of Irving H. Picard

Trustee Announces Winning Bid Of Up To $25.5 Million For Madoff Market Maker Business

SIPC To Reinstitute Assessments Of Member Firms' Operating Revenues

Securities Investor Protection Corporation, Egypt Investor Protection Fund To Cooperate In Cross-Border Brokerage Insolvency, Liquidation Cases

James W. Giddens, Lehman Brothers Inc. SIPC Trustee, Reports On Progress Of Customer Claim Processing

Meeting Of Madoff Creditors To Take Place Friday

Special Toll-Free Phone Line Provided for Creditors Unable to Attend in Person

Madoff Liquidation Trustee Mails More Than 8,000 Customer Claim Forms, Publishes Notice in Major Newspapers

March 4th and July 2nd Deadlines Set for Claim Filings

SIPC Now Identifying Customers of NYC Brokerage Firm Undergoing Liquidation

Up to $3 Million May Have Been Lost by Under 200 Investors at Small Firm; Arrested Employee Under Investigation for Possible Misuse of Customer Assets.

SIPC Board Chairman Named as One of Leading Hispanics in the United States

Miami Attorney, Miami Dade Community College Trustee Featured on List of "Top 100 Most Influential Hispanics"

SIPC Board Chairman Rings the Closing Bell at New York Stock Exchange

Miami Attorney Is First Hispanic Appointed to Serve as SIPC Chair

Misleading Investment Ad Halted by Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) and Idaho Department of Finance

SIPC President Signs Cooperative Agreement with Taiwan Counterpart, Meets Other Investor Compensation Groups

SIPC Names Armando J. Bucelo, Jr. as New Chairman of Board of Directors

Miami Attorney Is First Hispanic and First Floridian Appointed to SIPC Board

SIPC: Pending Settlement Announced in MJK Clearing Litigation

$10 Billion Recovered and Returned to Date to Customers, According to Trustee

SIPC/Investor Protection Trust Survey: 4 out of 5 U.S. Investors Fail "Survival Skills" Survey Test

Despite Encouraging Signs on Understanding of Diversification and Need to Review Account Statements, Few Investors Possess Needed Blend of Basic Knowledge and Smart Behavior.

SIPC: No Liquidations of Brokerage Firms Seen as a Result of Hurricanes

Industry Planning Works As It Did on 9/11 in Preventing Firm Shutdowns

Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) Launches Spanish Language Web Site

Latest Step Part of Ongoing Effort to Explain Work of Organization to Investors

SIPC And Canadian Counterpart to Coordinate on Brokerage Firm Insolvencies in North America

SIPC Consults with Asian Broker-dealer Oversight Agencies on Dealing with Broker Failures

U.S. Senate Confirms Two New Directors for SIPC

SIPC Announces Major Campaign to Educate Investors

English/Spanish Public Service Announcements Are a First for SIPC; Push Targets Nearly 7,000 Television, Cable and Radio Stations Across U.S.

SIPC Announces New Ad Rules Designed to Ensure More Information for Investors

SIPC: 2001 Set Record for Number of Customers Paid, Amount of Advances

2001 Ushered in Largest Brokerage Bankruptcy Case Ever

SIPC Steps in to Protect Investors in $1 Million Theft at Florida Brokerage Firm

In "Most Expensive" Case in Its History, SIPC Returns Funds to Nearly 10,000 Investors

$31 Million Theft of Stock at Texas Firm Involved Investors in All 50 States; Case Illustrates How SIPC Is Often "Investor's First Line of Defense."